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You Can Now Shazam Songs Through Snapchat

According to a new announcement from Shazam, the song-detection app is moving into a bold new era by integrating with the video-messaging app Snapchat. Shazam is based around one big button that you press and hold aloft to figure out what alluring or terrible song is playing in your favorite bar or restaurant. Starting now, you’ll have the same functionality with the camera screen on Snapchat.

Pressing and holding the screen with the Shazam capability engaged will allow users to, as Shazam puts it, “recognize music, engage with Shazam content, and send [your] music and artist discoveries as Snaps to their friends.”

Shazam is being added to Snapchat along with snap “groups” and other capabilities. Check out some stills from users via Snapchat’s Twitter: