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Watch Talib Kweli Perform a Surveillance-Themed Remix of “Get By” on Samantha Bee

This week’s episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee featured a goofy segment on the U.S. surveillance state, specifically as it pertains to people of color under the incoming Donald Trump administration. In the clip, Full Frontal writer/performer Ashley Nicole Black donned a Mr. Robot-style black hoodie and interviewed privacy experts about the importance of internet security, then closed by pondering, “What’s the one thing white people love more than Mr. Robot? Don’t worry, Talib Kweli is here too.”

“Lock your phone with a passcode, or what you’re downloading gets stolen / Basically, be the black Edward Snowden,” Kweli raps over the “Get By” beat, with Black performing the role of the song’s signature Nina Simone sample. Watch the segment below.