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Watch DJ Khaled Continue to Be DJ Khaled on Colbert

Usually when guests appear on late night television to plug their new book, they don’t walk out holding their own copy. When DJ Khaled stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Colbert produced the book from under his desk when it came time to talk about it, just like any late night host—except that Khaled already had one at his side, like a personal Bible.

DJ Khaled’s book The Keysnow a New York Times best seller, functions similarly—full of the producer/Snapchat-mogul’s famous sayings and inspirational quotes known as his “keys to success.” (Such as: Always have a copy of your book on hand, probably.) When Colbert asks him about one of his most notable “keys”—”Stay away from They”—Khaled explains that “They” are the “people who don’t believe in you.” He then produced “They Block,” a further brand-expanding product of Cocoa Butter that “repels They” coming out December 13th.

Khaled also discussed his recent Grammy nomination, living the “world dream,” the birth of his son, and the time President Obama walked out to his song “All I Do Is Win.” Watch the clip below and look out for the Youtube Red produced Christmas special “The Keys of Christmas” on December 19th where DJ Khaled, alongside Mariah Carey, Ciara, Fifth Harmony, and YouTube star Rudy Mancuso, plan to find “the true meaning of Christmas”.