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Trey Songz Arrested After Refusing to Leave Stage at Detroit Show

Trey Songz is a professional ladies man with no scruples: Mr. Steal Your Girl will throw hands. The R&B veteran showed off his wilder side in a Wednesday night Detroit concert at Joe Louis Arena that resulted in his arrest.

Songz was performing at the fourth annual Big Show when he went over his set time. He refused to leave the stage and told his adoring audience about the drama that was about to unfold.

“If they cut me off remember it and text whoever you want to or tweet whoever you want to and tell everybody about it,” he said after he was about to dive in. “Because if a nigga cut me off, I’m going the fuck crazy you understand?”

Like a matador messing with a bull, Songz launched into a freestyle singing, “Don’t do it / Go ahead and cut me off make all of them mad at y’all.”

The security eventually did cut it short and quickly found out Songz wasn’t bluffing about going crazy. He starting dismantling and throwing stage equipment, hitting one police officer in the head in the process. Police arrested him for malicious destruction of property and for resisting and obstructing arrest, according to Rolling Stone. You can watch footage from the incident below.