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New Music: Antwon and Deafheaven’s Kerry McCoy – “Changes”

You probably weren’t expecting a joint track between San Jose hip-hop artist Antwon and guitarist Kerry McCoy of San Francisco metal band Deafheaven, but what fun are predictable collaborations? “Changes” is a low, driving diamond in the rough, shined up with some synths and propelled by Antwon’s rhythmic vocals. It may have been birthed of happenstance—the duo met at a Caltrain stop, apparently—but it plays with intention.

“Changes” is one half of The 25th Street Sessions, a 7″ record that’s out today from Ghost Ramp. If you’re curious how this live show would shake out, here’s a YouTube clip of Antwon and McCoy performing together for a Converse ad in 2013. Listen to “Changes” below.