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Here’s the Trailer for the New Dave Eggers Adaptation, The Circle, Starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson

It’s an appropriate time for a dystopian thriller set in the near-future. Good thing we’ve got one coming soon, courtesy of The End of the Tour director James Ponsoldt and producer/co-star Tom Hanks: an adaptation of Dave Eggers’ 2013 Black-Mirror-esque Silicon-Valley-sci-fi novel The Circle. The film, due out April 28, stars Emma Watson and the rising, now-Star-Wars-famous John Boyega. Its first trailer premiered today via EuropaCorp’s YouTube channel.

The film explores how one tech company can alter the fabric of society with “share”-friendly surveillance technology. The trailer indicates the expected snappy, reference-laced dialogue. “I am a believer in the perfectability of human society,” bellows the company’s guru, played by Hanks, in the clip. Transparency is not always good, the film seems to argue: When privacy goes, so does our moral compass, and so on and so forth.

Somewhat bizarrely, this is the second Eggers adaptation Hanks will co-star in and help bankroll within one year: A Hologram for the King came out this past April. Are Dan Brown and Dave Eggers Tom Hanks’s favorite authors? Here’s to his eclectic taste. Check out the  trailer for the movie below.