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Die Antwoord Are Promoting Their New Video With Blurbs From Aphex Twin and Damien Hirst

Die Antwoord have shared the video for “Fat Faded Fuckface,” from their 2016 album, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid. It was directed by vocalist Yolandi Visser, and its arthouse horror film spin on rap video excess is par for the course for Die Antwoord visuals, with a handful of naked women added.

The group took their winking bravado to another level on the press release that accompanied the video, adding praiseful quotes from the likes of Aphex Twin, Damien Hirst, and William Gibson, as if “Fat Faded Fuckface” were a bestselling novel or blockbuster film. Watch the NSFW video below, with the goofy press release quotes below that.

It’s amazing. Don’t look like any other video. Song too!” – William Gibson 
Wicked.” – Jonathan Glazer
You are mental! Hahahahaa amazing art man! Epic shit ! Fuck em all” – Damien Hirst 
Epic. Wow. Great song. Perfection.” – Inez and Vinoodh 
A trip down a parallel reality.” – Alexis Zabe
Ok now the next one you make has to be ULTRA sweet and full of love, serious hugz“- Aphex Twin 
Only a girl could direct something so perfect” – Ninja 
Jissis the FAT FADED FUCK FACE trailer’s got my mouth watering like the duchess of cornwall’s fanny when she got fucked by prince charles the first time!!!!” – Theunis Engelbrecht
This is the best music video i have ever seen in my hole fucking life!. It’s asif ‘ I FINK U FREEKY’ & ‘FOK JULLE NAIIERS’ had a baby!” – DJ MUGGS