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Death Grips’ Stefan Burnett Is Giving His First Ever Solo Exhibition of Paintings

Next month, the Los Angeles gallery Slow Culture will host an exhibition of paintings by Stefan Burnett, better known to music fans as M.C. Ride of noise-rap nihilists Death Grips. Slow Culture is billing the show as the first solo exhibition by the Death Grips frontman.

Burnett has long been a painter as well as a musician–it came up briefly in a SPIN interview with Death Grips from 2012–and earlier this year, his personal website published a series of stark and occasionally morbid monochrome images in acrylic on black canvas. Slow Culture’s promotional page for the upcoming show features a similar painting, depicting a group of people holding hands around a table as if saying grace or conducting a seance. Burnett’s website has since been updated with a link to the gallery.

Burnett’s Slow Culture exhibition begins January 7, and will run until January 28.

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CREDIT: Stefan Burnett/Slow Culture