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A Lost AirPod Will Cost You $69 to Replace

Apple’s new wireless earbuds, the AirPods, finally became available for order this week. At $159 a set, the sleek-looking individual buds aren’t cheap, and since they’re not attached to each other, they seem awfully easy to lose. Fortunately, Apple will sell you a replacement for a lost or broken AirPod; unfortunately, according to a new update to Apple’s iPhone service pricing page, that replacement will run $69 all by itself. A fried battery outside of the one-year warranty will cost you $49 to fix.

But wait, you think, two replacement AirPods at $69 apiece is only $138. Bargain! AirPods, however, also require a charging case (pictured), which itself costs another $69 to replace if lost. If only someone could invent some kind of cord to hold the left and right earpieces together.