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Vince Staples Has 100,000 Gamestop Points

Vince Staples stopped by for an interview on Power 106 in Los Angeles this morning, where he chatted about sports, video games, saving money, and Donald Trump. As it turns out, Staples is super financially savvy, and he’s big on retail loyalty programs. Since the fifth grade, he’s saved up over 100,000 points at Gamestop. He’s also seriously done his homework, particularly when it comes to Bed Bath and Beyond: “You got the $20 off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, right? Then you got the 20% off, you can use five at a time. So you use two $20 off, and you can use the rest 20% off, and then you put your card on it and get your extra 10% off the top, and you walking out of there doin’ nothin.”

There is, however, a point where Staples draws the line: The people on Extreme Couponing are “going too hard.”

On Trump’s win, Staples was more circumspect. “I personally don’t believe any person is 100% good or 100% bad,” he said. “It say less about him and more about us, one another. If you saying certain things and people is agreeing with it, then that’s how they feel. … What you gonna do, pop him?”

Watch Vince Staples’s full interview on Power 106 below.