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Video: ANOHNI – “Hopelessness”

ANOHNI has shared a new video for the title track of her May album Hopelessness. It’s an indie dystopian epic in just five minutes: In a statement, director Alex Carver described the clip as “the fever dream of an anonymous corporate woman,” who we first encounter as she fills her handbag with dead eels. “Within the dream, distant past and distant futures are irrationally fused in a bizarre, iconic vision of martyrdom where animals are citizens and people are drones,” Carver explains.

The unsung stars here are the retro 4:3 format and the imposing architecture of a looming aquaduct, but the whole piece is a fitting accompaniment to ANOHNI’s experimental, politically charged art. Watch ANOHNI and Carver’s obscure vision come to life below; note that the video begins with some intentional silence.