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The New Trainspotting Trailer Asks You to “Choose Life”

The real way to do a sequel is to wait for a long enough time so all the actors are older, the sentimental attachment to the original is deeper, and you can milk interest in the slow-rolling developments forever—”Trainspotting Sequel Maybe On Its Way, Says Director”—before a producer goes ahead and gives you a lot of money to make it happen. The Trainspotting sequel, clumsily titled T2: Trainspotting, is actually on its way, set for a January 27, 2017 release. Following a teaser, the first full-length trailer is now available.

It’s still short on specific plot details, but there look to be a lot of shenanigans—dalliances with marijuana farms, beautiful women, rowdy boys looking for a fight—and a slough of appearances from the original cast, like Ewan McGregor (pictured doing what sure seems like heroin, the grimy specter haunting the first film) and Kelly Macdonald, now a responsible adult. Robert Carlyle’s Begbie still looks like an unruly asshole, Jonny Lee Miller is still bleached blonde and insouciant. There’s an Ewan voiceover mirroring one of those Truth ads: Choose life, choose your future, etc. All of it’s tied together with director Danny Boyle’s signature kinetic style. It looks like a lot of fun! Watch it below.