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Steven Drozd of Flaming Lips and Steve From Blue’s Clues Made an Album

Quick, name a dream team of two Steves, Stevens, or Stephens who you’d want to hear collaborating on an album together. Stills and Tyler? Miller and Van Zandt? Seagal and Vai? How about Drozd and Burns, of Flaming Lips and, uh, Blue’s Clues fame?

The latter pair, it turns out, are longtime collaborators. They have a new album coming out called Foreverywhere, which they’ll release under the name Steven StevenPreviously, Drozd assisted Burns on his debut album Songs for Dustmites, recorded after Burns left the children’s show that made him famous in 2002. Drozd served as a member of the band Steve Burns and the Struggle, and Burns played an astronaut in the Flaming Lips’ 2005 film Christmas on Mars. 

Foreverywhere is being billed as an album “for everyone,” which seems to mean it’s children’s music that adults won’t mind grooving along to, either. It will be released in February 17, The AV Club reports. Listen to the psych-glammy lead single “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow” below.