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Watch a Newly Unearthed Clip of a 1989 Soundgarden In-Store Performance

SPIN tipster Mike Ziegler pointed us toward this vintage VHS footage of Soundgarden performing a 30-minute in-store set at Rhino Records in Westwood, Los Angeles on September 24, 1989. (Those oblong objects on the shelves are longboxes, precursors to the CD jewel case, for your millennial clarification.) At the time, Soundgarden’s lineup included bassist Jason Everman, who was also briefly a member of Nirvana; he’s on the right. Watch below.

1. “Get on the Snake”
2. “Ugly Truth”
3. “Big Dumb Sex”
4. “Hands All Over”
5. “Gun”
6. “Beyond the Wheel”

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