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Rick Ross Announces New Album With a Cover Designed by the World’s Foremost Banksy Ripoff

Rick Ross persists admirably, despite sales on his music declining with each new release and recent tax evasion charges. Ross has just announced a new album coming next year, Rather You Than Me. It’s the MMG mogul’s ninth LP, as the album’s garish cover tells us; hilariously, the decidedly ghastly art is the work of Mr. Brainwash, the dilenttante-ish street-artist and noted Banksy copycat.

The artist co-stars in a teaser clip for the album Ross shared to Twitter last night, after he wore a sweatshirt with the album title to the American Music Awards and officially announced the album on the red carpet. Our only details about the album are that it will be out “early 2017,” according to the Twitter video, and that Ross’ new track “Kyrie” (produced by Chicago’s DP Beats) will probably be featured on the album, since it’s included in the trailer. Watch the trailer and Ross’s AMA performance with DJ Khaled below.