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New Music: oddCouple – Liberation

The next man up from Chicago’s parade of burgeoning talent is Milwaukee-born producer oddCouple, whose work incorporates the Windy City’s soul and jazz legacies. After landing credits on fellow Chicagoans Jamila Woods, Kweku Collins, and Joey Purp’s projects, oddCouple has released his own album entitled Liberation.

Liberation manages to pack an exceptional list of guests despite its short, nine-song runtime. Mick Jenkins, GLC, WebsterX, Collins, Woods, and Purp are a few of the key features in a project that came after a period of self-discovery.

“Throughout my life I developed a lot of patterns, ways of thinking, emotional baggage, demons, and all that – we all do though, don’t we?” oddCouple told SPIN through an email. “For me, I reached a point where I wasn’t as happy as I thought I’d be, so I just started to examine myself, and really evaluate what makes me tick – you know, why I am the way I am. Once I did that I faced a lot of that bullshit and those demons head on, really accepting myself from the inside out, and moved past a lot of those setbacks and mental blocks I subconsciously set up.

“I don’t have the answers to the inequalities, injustice, and hatred that permeates in our society, but learning everything I can about myself allows for me to others, and do my part to help break down these walls, the same way I had to break down the walls and barriers I set up for myself. To me, you have to get to know yourself, and love yourself honestly and truthfully, first and foremost, because you can’t truly love someone else if you don’t.”

Give Liberation a listen below.