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New Music: Gucci Mane Gets Political With Common and Pusha T on “Black America Again (Remix)”

“Gucci Mane and Common, did you see this coming?” Gucci Mane raps on the new remix for Common’s “Black America Again,” the title track from the conscious rapper’s new album. The original song, which features Stevie Wonder, has already inspired a 21-minute film from director Ava DuVernay, but Gucci going bar-for-bar against Pusha T and Common is, indeed, pretty unexpected, and makes this remix worth a listen.

Gucci is not normally overtly political in his music, but he delivers one of his best post-prison verses here, if least characteristic: “Product of the slums with rich white folks’ money / And the police got no love for me, but I’m not scared of nothing / Mass incarcerate us, man and then they call it justice.”

Pusha ups the ante with some to-the-point observations: “All these years later, we still the target / Look at Ferguson, Brooklyn and Charlotte / Sellin’ CDs, reachin’ for wallets / Trayvon’d be in his last year of college.”

It’s certainly an appropriate time to speak out and unify in hip-hop. Check out the song below.