Martha Stewart Kills Chickens With Vodka, and Other Things Learned From Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party

Last night, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s cooking show, Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party, debuted on VH1. Seth Rogen, Ice Cube, and Wiz Khalifa guest starred in the first episode, which included a fried chicken cook-off and a performance from Anderson .Paak. Below you can watch several highlights from the episode, appropriately titled “Putting the Pot Back in Potluck.”

Snoop Dogg Can Read Grease?
In the below clip, Snoop Dogg claims he doesn’t need a timer to prepare his fried chicken because he can read the grease. “The grease tells you when it’s time to take it out,” he says. Earlier in the video, Khalifa sprinkled a mysterious green leaf into the grease.

Martha and Snoop Play Two Thighs and a Truth
In this segment, Martha, Snoop, Cube, Rogen, and Khalifa all make three statements, two of which are lies and one the truth, and the other contestants have to guess which is the true one. Martha said she’d been struck by lightning three times, that her signature scent is Chance by Chanel, and that she was born in Poland. “I’m going to say since I know how you like to work around the pole that you are from Poland,” Snoop guessed, incorrectly. The answer? Amazingly, Martha says she’s been struck by lightning three times.

Martha Uses Vodka to Kill Chickens
Watch Martha admit to killing her a chicken in an unique fashion: “I fed it some vodka and then I cut off its head.”

Anderson .Paak Performs as Snoop Dances
Snoop and Wiz clearly enjoyed .Paak’s performance the most, but Martha and Seth seemed to to be having fun on the couch.


Watch the full episode over at VH1.


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