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New Music: Landing – “Complekt”

In a warm, smooth space between shoegaze and ambient music lie New Haven, Connecticut quartet Landing, longtime space-rock practitioners with nine studio albums behind them and a tenth, Complekt, just ahead. At the core of the group is married couple Adrienne Snow (vocals) and Aaron Snow (guitar, synth, vocals), accompanied by Daron Gardner (bass) and John Miller (drums, guitar, synth). Since 1999, they’ve honed a mixture of heady guitar swirls, echoey drums, and flicking, looping synths.

Landing spend much of their latest album bobbing in the outer reaches of shoegaze atmospherics, and the title track serves as the liftoff. Crisscrossed by howls of reverb, “Complekt” is an energetic high point that powers down in a cascade of Moog-y, sci-fi wiggles.

Complekt, the follow-up to 2013’s Wave Lairis out November 18 from boutique vinyl label These Are Not Records. Below, see the album art and track list and watch the video for “Complekt,” a trippy collage of space-age science documentary throwbacks.

New Music: Landing –

Complekt track list:

1. “Light”
2. “Complekt”
3. “Weft”
4. “Shifts”
5. “Thither”
6. “Grow”
7. “Clouds II”
8. “World”