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Here’s a List of Shit That Fetty Wap Likes

“Trap Queen” star Fetty Wap is back with a new song called “Shit I Like,” which also features his right hand man Monty. The song could easily be perceived as a riff on Chief Keef’s anthem “Don’t Like“; it carries the opposite sentiment and is just short of a “bang bang!” During the duration of the song, the Jersey rapper lists a bunch of his favorite things. This includes:

  • Blue hundreds
  • Stuntin’
  • Ballin’
  • Juice
  • Cars from Germany
  • Diamonds needing “surgery”
  • Shittin’ on these n*ggas
  • Swervin’ with these bitches
  • Women asking him for sex
  • Waking and baking
  • Sauces in different flavors
  • Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant
  • 23’s on his Ferrari
  • Gucci Mane
  • Playing his shit at every party

Listen to “Shit I Like” below.