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Deadmau5 Doesn’t Like His New Album (Or Maybe Any of Them)

HAMILTON, ON - MARCH 15: Deadmau5 performs at the 2015 JUNO Awards at FirstOntario Centre on March 15, 2015 in Hamilton, Canada. (Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images)

Deadmau5, in recent times, has had a complicated and ambivalent relationship with his music and career. Late last year, he toyed with abandoning the “deadmau5” name and subsequently vanished from social media, later explaining that he was dealing with depression and taking a break from work. This year saw an apparent resurgence in deadmau5 activity. Recent leaks “4ware” and “Let Go,” which surfaced this month, made it seem like the irascible, masked EDMer was ready to reassert himself in a big way creatively with his upcoming album, W:/2016Album.

But last night, the artist born Joel Zimmerman revealed in a series of tweets that the record felt more obligatory than like a labor of love. He does like, for instance, the May single “Snowcone,” but otherwise, he’s not into the album. He says it’s a “love/hate thing,” but then implies he hasn’t made an album he likes “for the past ten years,” which means his entire mainstream career.

If you’re a formerly die-hard deadmau5 fan who was struggling to get excited about this new project … well, take it from the man himself: Don’t worry too much about it. Is deadmau5 trying to be annoyingly humble or can he really not just will himself to log off when it would clearly be in his best interests to? Decide for yourself below.

And, if you care more than deadmau5 does, W:/2016Album is out December 2 via mau5trap and available for preorder here.