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Angel Olsen Explains How David Bowie Helped Inspire “Shut Up Kiss Me” on Song Exploder

Angel Olsen’s “Shut Up Kiss Me,” a 2016 highlight, is the latest song to get the Song Exploder treatment. The singer spent a few minutes breaking down the My Woman single for the podcast, explaining that the yearning lovers’ anthem was a “kind of tongue in cheek and mean” performance where she experimented with her voice. The result was the wordless croon that backs the chorus.

Olsen also mentioned that the percussive piano is a nod to the late, great David Bowie, who used the style in his famous hit “Changes.” “He had just passed away,” Olsen said. “For me, recording is just a magical thing that encapsulates a time.”

Listen to the Song Exploder episode and “Shut Up Kiss Me” once again below.