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Johnny Cash Soundtracks First Trailer For the Depressing New Wolverine Movie

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for nearly two decades, and he’s never been replaced by a younger model—a clear sign that as he goes, so goes the franchise. Next year, he’ll play the hairy mutant for the ninth time in Logan, the third solo Wolverine movie, which has just released its first trailer.

Adapted from the popular Old Man Logan comic, which saw Wolverine as a broken-down mutant in far-off dystopian future where the villains won, Logan follows the same arc: Jackman is scarred-up and bummed out, and needs a pep talk from a very old-looking Professor X (Stewart, not McAvoy) to get it back together. He’s helping out some mystery girl, and while the trailer is thin on specifics, it’s scored to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” the de facto soundtrack for all old man emotions. Lest you note the muted colors and lack of one-liners and think, Hey, this doesn’t look like a superhero movie, never fear—he still stabs a bunch of bad guys with his metal claws. Watch it below. Logan is out March 3, 2017.

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