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What’s the Deal With HBO’s The Young Pope?

With a track record of producing shows like The SopranosGame of Thrones, and The Wire, HBO has thoroughly established itself as the industry standard for quality dramatic television. Sometimes, though, the cable channel gets a little too sure of itself. Today, they’ve dropped the teaser trailer for The Young Pope, the televised equivalent of a 40-foot Steph Curry heat check. Starring Jude Law as the titular lead, Yung Papal Scion isn’t your usual Catholic lead. He prays from the depths of a pool, holds hands with a conflicted woman, moodily smokes a cigarette, and bugs his eyes like he’s the Joker.

“They’re going to realize just who I am,” says the Young Pope. “This pope does not negotiate on anything or with anyone,” we’re told via narration. Sexy Pope, more like. The Morally Ambiguous Pope, it seems. The Young Pope’s perspective on gay marriage is evolving. The Young Pope has fucked. Whether you feel comfortable calling the Young Pope “daddy” in a sexual way… or a paternal way… well, that’s up to you. It’s directed by Paolo Sorrentino (Youth), stars Diane Keaton as a nun, and will debut in 2017. Check out the Hot Pope teaser below.