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Watch Oneohtrix Point Never’s Silence-Filled Boiler Room Video and Four Tet Remix

Oneohtrix Point Never is no stranger to multimedia collaborations, but with his recent, meditative “Animals” clip, a retrospective of his videos at the Hammer Museum at UCLA, and a social-media presence increasingly dominated by surreal standalone GIFs and images, OPN (a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin) seems to be really aiming to distinguish himself as an audiovisual artist. His newest release is the video of his Boiler Room live event from February, featuring a Four Tet-helmed extended revamp of the Garden of Delete track “Sticky Drama.”

As opposed to unveiling the track within a normal Boiler Room “set,” Lopatin mounted a live art piece surrounding it: The musical section of the song is bookended with long periods of silence, featuring shots of the empty stage of London’s Barbican Centre—who co-sponsored the project—with abandoned chairs and music stands (suggesting an homage to John Cage’s famous silence piece 4’33”, often performed with a silent orchestra). Following the shapeshifting remix, the video moves into a literal boiler room, exploring its sights and rhythmic, mechanical sounds.

Watch the hourlong clip below.