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Video: Metallica- “Atlas, Rise!”

Metallica are releasing Hardwired…To Self-Destructtheir first album in eight years, on November 18. So far, indications point to the record being something of a return to form—at least in terms of quality. Today, the band released the third song from the album, after the title track and “Moth Into Flame.”

Near-seven-minute epic “Atlas, Rise!” is an intricate, multi-movement track, and the low-budget video takes us inside the studio—which has a weird, frat-house-meets-Guitar-Center vibe—to watch the band hit every power chord, and enjoy Lars’ playbook’s worth of rock grimaces. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see what that is they’re reading off their Metallica-tagged music stands. But it’s a lot of fun, otherwise, and you can find it below.