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SPIN at Voodoo 2016: Portraits of Chairlift, Cage the Elephant, Reignwolf and More

Plus Oh Wonder, Shakey Graves, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Sir the Baptist and more from the Toyota Music Den

The bayou heat had nothing on the artists that came through the Toyota Music Den at this year’s Voodoo Fest. SPIN — along with Stereogum, VIBE, and BrooklynVegan — hosted a stellar lineup that featured everything from grungy blues rock to flittering electropop to the magic of New Orleans’ very own Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Photographer James Demaria was on hand to capture portraits of all the artists that visited the Music Den. Each artist also provided a quick quote to accompany the photos. Check them out below.

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Chairlift

What: Uptempo, Brooklyn-based indie pop

Quote: “Eat! Cafe du Monde is obligatory but you can’t wear black because that powdered sugar will get everywhere.” — Caroline Polachek

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Oh Wonder

What: Groovy English alt-pop

Quote: “It’s our first time playing in New Orleans and the crowd and the festival was just beautiful.” — Josephine Vander Gucht

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Reignwolf

What: A megaton warhead of bluesy rock’n’roll

Quote: “Some dude in the crowd turns up with a tambourine and you have to make him part of the show! Why wouldn’t he part of the band? Everyone in the audience is already in the band too!”

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Sir the Baptist

What: Life-affirming, hip-hop-fueled hymnals for the modern age

Quote: “I want to make use of the plan and connect with as many people as possible…and who else would I want to do that with than people who are in the crowd. My music is here as a lifeline and if I don’t take that seriously I just become like any other artist.”

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Preservation Hall Jazz Band

What: New Orleans incarnate

Quote: “People really connect to this city. It’s a choice to live here and if you do it you’re taking on a responsibility. It’s a city that gives a lot but it also asks a lot. I’ve never found a city that gives more than New Orleans.” — Ben Jaffe

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Cage the Elephant

What: Eclectic rock that’s equal parts indie, blues, and funk.

Quote: “The festival grounds here are some of the most beautiful in the United States. It’s a beautiful setting for something like this.” — Matt Shultz

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Little Scream

What: Layered and complex disco-flecked alternative

Quote: “I just love the people down here. I met a guy at a gas station this morning and invited him to to the show and he’s here!”

CREDIT: James Demaria


What: Soulful, Scandinavian pop

Quote: “Acoustic sets let you do different versions of songs and play around more.”

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Bob Moses

What: Inventive electronic duo that’s threaded with improvisational energy

Quote: “We were walking home after some party and the sun was rising in Brooklyn and I remember saying to Jimmy, ‘Dude, everything is just staring us in the face. Let’s just do this, let’s put all our eggs in the Bob Moses basket.'” — Tom Howie (via Daily Hive)

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Bear Hands

What: A blend of guitar-driven pop and dreamy synth landscapes

Quote: “Just soft newborn baby hands with tiny fingernails, adorable hands.” — Ted Feldman

Nothing But Thieves
CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Nothing But Thieves

What: Blend of alt-rock and classic Britpop

Quote: “An acoustic set takes the songs back to the way they were written and the process as to how they came about in the first place.” — Dominic Craik

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Saint Motel

What: Dreamy funk that you can’t help but dance to

Quote: “I’m excited to see the cemetery and check out all the dead people.” — Aaron Sharp

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: The Shelters

What: Tom Petty-cosigned throwback rock

Quote: “We decorated the bus for Halloween with black lights and put bats and spiders in the bunks.” — Jacob Pillot  

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Shakey Graves

What: Soulful busking taken to stellar heights

Quote: “I’m gonna be Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

All Them Witches
CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: All Them Witches

What: Black hole dense blues rock from Nashville

Quote: “I never wash it and go swimming in every river I can find.” — Allan Van Cleave

CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: DJ Quiz

What: Hip-hop star G-Eazy’s tour DJ

Quote: “It depends on the crowd and the party, but anything Kanye right now is golden.”

Jak Knight
CREDIT: James Demaria

Who: Jak Knight

What: Comedian and Toyota Music Den MC extraordinaire

Quote: “Free Kodak!”