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Smash Mouth Incite 3 A.M. Twitter Fight With Oakland Athletics

HOUSTON, TX- SEPTEMBER 07: The band Smash Mouth performs at halftime of the Washington Redskins against the Houston Texans game on September 7, 2014 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Indians may have beat the Chicago Cubs in game 3 of the World Series, but the biggest win went to Smash Mouth, washed-up band, bread targets, and punchlines in their own endless Twitter battle for recognition. The creators of “All Star” crave validation, and last night they received it when they dissed the Oakland Athletics and the Athletics’ official Twitter account took the bait.

The exchange begins with a tweet from baseball writer John Shea, noting that outfielder Coco Crisp left the A’s amidst accusations of contract shenanigans but went on to play a decisive role for the Indians last night:

The Athletics’ official Twitter account fired back: “Insulted by Smash Mouth? #Pfft.” “BillyBall Bullsh*t!” Smash Mouth replied.

“Up late desperately tweeting for relevancy?” the A’s taunted. “Hey now, that’s not very All-Star of you.” The A’s have since deleted their side of the argument, but a guy named Cody has graciously preserved it for us:

At one point, A’s relief pitcher and possible secret Smash Mouth fan Sean Doolittle stepped into the fray, armed with puns:

Smash Mouth accused the A’s of letting down fans. “You have no fans,” the A’s replied. “They all graduated college 18 years ago and grew up. Do the same.”

But by daylight, the team had capitulated:

This, surely, is the season’s most humiliating defeat.

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