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New Music: Frankie Cosmos – “Fresh Pond” (Krill Cover)

Bedroom pop darlings Frankie Cosmos will soon release a cassette-only collection of cover songs. The first peek is this understated cover of defunct Boston band Krill’s “Fresh Pond.”

“These are all songs by people I know and have seen perform a lot and have been inspired by,” Frankie Cosmos bandleader Greta Kline said in a statement. “I recorded these covers last winter in my bedroom.” Covers is out November 13 via Bayonet Records. Listen to Kline’s version of “Fresh Pond” and compare to the original below.

1. Feelin’ Like A Bean (Baby Mollusk cover)
2. Fresh Pond (Krill cover)
3. Thought For (Cameron Wisch [of Porches] cover)
4. May Poem (DC Schneider cover)
5. Random Nostalgia (Rivergazer cover)
6. Sea of Gin (Aaron Maine [of Porches] cover)
7. Stalemate (Whatever, Dad cover)