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New Music: Cerrone – “Kiss It Better”

French disco pioneer Cerrone continues his fantastic comeback run with “Kiss It Better,” a slick and buoyant tune featuring the British singer and DJ Yasmin on vocals, which premieres on SPIN today. “With a catchy chorus that reminds us of ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ by Prince, Yasmin sings ‘I’ll be your everything,'” Cerrone told SPIN coyly in a statement. “But promises only bind those who believe in them…”

“Kiss It Better” appears on Red Lips, a forthcoming Cerrone full-length that arrives October 28 via Because Music and Big Beat. As with “Move Me,” the lead Red Lips single, the first thing that strikes you about “Kiss It Better” is how pristine everything sounds. The arrangement is luxuriant, with plenty of space and none of the cluttered feel common to so much overcompressed contemporary pop. With its spectacularly jerky bass line and slithering clavinet licks, “Kiss It Better” sounds like it could have been recorded in the mid ’70s–an effect Cerrone achieved by recording Red Lips with all live instruments, just like he did on his classic-era material.