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Nerdcore Rappers Are Mad at Alex Trebek For Calling Them Losers

A few days ago, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek learned about the nerdcore scene from a contestant who declared herself a fan of raps about video games, science fiction, and so forth. After listening to her explanation, he straight-up called her and her nerdcore brethren “losers,” because goddamn, Trebek has no mercy.

After a clip of the exchange went viral, some nerdcore rappers have spoken up to take offense at Trebek’s generalizing words, as Kotaku pointed out. Rapper Mega Ran chimed in with an anti-Trebek dis, though he seems more or less amused by the whole thing.

Nerdcore icon MC Chris, however, was a little angrier. He’s spent the last few days retweeting replies from nerdcore fans taking umbrage with Trebek, and trying to get #SuckItTrebek trending across the internet.

Wheatus, who sang “Teenage Dirtbag,” were also mad about it.

Other nerdcore rappers seemed to show a sense of humor about it.

In the end, it seemed like the real winner—and this is hard to argue with—was the Jeopardy contestant herself, who won the show twice in a row.

Alex Trebek does not have a Twitter, and probably missed most of this.