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Watch the Trailer for Jordan Peele’s New Horror Film Get Out

Jordan Peele, MADtv alum and co-creator of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, has been spending recent months prepping his upcoming horror flick Get Out. And now we have the first trailer for the flick, which also marks Peele’s directorial debut for the silver screen.

The upcoming film focuses on a black man (Daniel Kaluuya, known for the “Fifteen Million Merits” episode of Black Mirror) who’s visiting his white girlfriend’s (Allison Williams from Girls) parents in the suburbs. It’s a scary situation made even scarier by the film’s horror twist: Black people who visit the suburb are ill-fated. The trailer features scenes of head-bashing, traumatizing hypnosis, car crashes, and false assurances. (A woman–face streaming with deranged tears–attempts to comfort him when the main character says, “If there’s too many white people, I get nervous.”)

Get Out is scheduled to hit theaters next February. Watch the trailer below.