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Gorillaz Share Another Animated Story, “The Book of 2D”

Gorillaz fans, rejoice (kind of): The newest installment of the group’s vaguely Biblical, cartoon social-media narrative series dropped today on Twitter. This one is called “The Book of 2D,” and like the others, it’s comprised of a series of five- to 10-second videos focusing on one of the members of Damon Albarn’s animated band of merry rascals. The animated sections are bookended by expositional title screens recalling Prince Valiant comic strips.

The most fascinating feature of this one—the sequel to “The Book of Noodle,” “The Book of Russel,” and “The Book of Murdoc”—is its dominant penis/literary joke: Damon Albarn’s character 2D has a run-in with a whale called “Massive Dick,” who dies. Then 2D feasts on “rancid whale blubber,” and there’s a “wet T-shirt contest.”

No word yet on a new album yet, though; we kinda wish Damon would hurry up with that part. Read “The Book of 2D” below.