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Conan and Chris Martin Singing Coldplay’s “Yellow” in Cockney Accents Is Very Amusing

This is as good as anything you’re likely to be clicking on this dreary Friday morning: Chris Martin of Coldplay visited Conan last night, and they sang “Yellow” together in a cockney accent. The clearly-planned bit came out of discussing Martin’s rocky musical beginnings in musical theater, playing Eliza’s dad the chimney sweep in My Fair Lady.

Things just deteriorated from there. Putting their thumbs in their invisible suspenders, the two fired off a minute-long, oompah-ified version of Coldplay’s breakthrough hit. When Conan attempted to pivot back and plug Coldplay’s most recent album, Martin waved it off, and said, “You don’t have to do all that…Let’s do our own album of Conan and Chris’s Cockney Classics.” Then he sang a little from “Crazy in Love.” Yeah, man. This clip is everything it looks like it could be.

Watch below. TGIF!