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Chance the Rapper Just Released a Music Video on Twitter and Then Deleted It [UPDATE]

Chance the Rapper spent the better part of the afternoon teasing a new music video, promising to release it if fans come to see him at Chicago’s UniverSoul Circus. He released a video for “How Great” shortly after 6:30 p.m. ET. It’s a black-and-white performance video featuring Chance, his cousin Nicole, and a gospel choir, shot right-side up, sideways, and upside-down on an iPhone (sceenshot above). He has since deleted the video and the tweet containing it, which instructed fans to lock their phones in the upright position to watch:

Here are Chance’s teaser tweets from earlier:

He has since deleted the video and its tweet, replacing it with the following:

chance screenshot
CREDIT: via @chancetherapper on Twitter

Fans who saw it are asking him to put it back up:

Goddamnit Chance.

Update (9 a.m. October 21): Chance has re-uploaded the “How Great” video. It also features Jay Electronica and Francis and the Lights. Lock your phone screen and watch it below.