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California’s Dabbing Congresswoman Has Absolutely Nothing on California’s Vaping Congressman

Perhaps you saw that Loretta Sanchez, Democratic U.S. representative from California, performed a forced, mechanical “dab” dance move during a debate last night. As far as obvious pandering to millennials who are only capable of comprehending visual information in six-second video loops goes, Sanchez can’t hold a battery-operated pen full of e-juice to my boy Duncan Hunter.

You may remember Hunter as the U.S. Congressman, also from California, who shocked the internet by blowing a huge-ass vape cloud on the legislative floor earlier this year. Sanchez, who is running for one of her state’s U.S. Senate seats, is a more admirable politician than Hunter–who spent over $1,000 in campaign funds on video games last year, no kidding–but she’s got nothing on his meme game. Watch the congresswoman dabbing below, and relive Hunter’s big vape moment under that.