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Watch: Black Mirror Premieres Season Three Trailer

Black Mirror’s third season will make its Netflix debut on October 21. The new set of episodes are the first entries in the acclaimed anthology series since the Jon Hamm-starring “White Christmas” special in 2014. Today, the series has premiered a trailer for the new season, just a few weeks ahead of its premiere.

The series is based on taking society’s current obsessions and trends and projecting them into disconcerting, not-too-distant futures. As expected, the new season doesn’t look like it’ll deviate from the presmise. The two-minute teaser offers a few glimpses at the upcoming storylines, including an app that rates interactions, a violent war story, and a privacy invasion. Actors Bryce Dallas Howard, Mackenzie Davis, and Malachi Kirby are featured.

Black Mirror took a slight dive in quality in its second season—the political satire of “The Waldo Moment” was a bit on-the-nose—so one would hope series creator Charlie Booker can come back strong. If not, he’ll have another crack at it: Another six episodes are on the way. For now, watch the first glimpse at season three below.