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Watch Metallica Thrash Through “Moth Into Flame” on Fallon

A month before the release of their long-awaited Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, Metallica appeared on The Tonight Show last night to perform “Moth Into Flame,” the album’s six minute-long second single.

Death Magnetic, a record that was as well-received by longtime Metallica fans as just about anything they’ve done since The Black Album, is now eight years in the rearview, and it’s unclear what they have planned for Hardwired: will it be more of the old-school thrash they laid down the last time aroundor a return to the schlocky “modern rock” that alienated so many of those fans in the ’90s and ’00s? “Moth Into Flame” splits the difference. Its long run-time and wah’ed-out Kirk Hammett solo will please the lifers, but the yowling chorus is pure Load. Watch it below.