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Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Tim Kaine Debate at Buffalo Wild Wings

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred onstage at New York’s Hofstra University last night, but Monday’s main event took place at a Buffalo Wild Wings, where Jimmy Kimmel challenged Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, to a sit-down debate. In a segment that aired during last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the two hashed out a host of hard-hitting issues: whether we should have the Monday after the Super Bowl off from work, the prospect of jailing people who flood your social-media feeds, and the importance of organizing concert audiences by height.

They capped off the cutesy back-and-forth with a harmonica battle that not only gave Kaine (who’s a noted music nerd) a chance to show off his skills, but also to work in a cameo from none other than John freakin’ Popper of Blues Traveler. It’s a frivolous distraction, but it’s a welcome one in the midst of post-presidential debate hangover. Watch Kaine audition to be America’s good-natured stepdad below.