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Twenty Years Later, DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing Is Getting a Remix Album Featuring Clams Casino, HudMo

DJ Shadow has been making yearning atmospheric beat music since the likes of Clams Casino were in grade school. Now, Endtroducing…, his classic 1996 debut, will be re-released as a remix album featuring contributions from Clams himself and other artistic progeny, Shadow said on the Talkhouse podcast recently.

The album will also feature a remix by Hudson Mohawke, Pitchfork reports. “This year is the twentieth anniversary of Endtroducing…, so curating this remix album, I wanted to provide another layer of perspective on the record and invite my current favorites and a few favorites from other eras to do remixes,” DJ Shadow said on the podcast, which also featured an appearance from Clams Casino.

It’s hard to overstate the impact of Endtroducing: basically anyone who’s made instrumental hip-hop that’s more suited to rainy drives and late-night smoke sessions than it is to actual rapping probably owes the album some sort of debt. These kinds of retrospective releases are tough to pull off in a way that goes beyond simple nostalgia, but if you’re an Endtroducing stan like I am, you’ll probably want to give it a listen anyway.

Update (9/19): The remix album will arrive October 28 as part of a 6-LP(!) Entroducing reissue. Hear Clams Casino’s fully reimagined take on “Stem/Long Stem” below.