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Mary J. Blige Serenades Hillary Clinton in Apple Music Interview

Up next from Apple Music’s content machine is an interview between singer Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton. The show—which is called The 411, referring to Blige’s debut album—promises to feature the two women “as you’ve never seen them before.” It turns out this is a euphemism for “Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton, but weirder,” if the first two clips are any indicator.

The first clip is an odd gem that shows Blige singing police brutality-focused lyrics in front of Clinton. Yes, the political awareness is appreciated, but this is Blige interrupting an interview to sing. Clinton’s probably seen multiple oddities throughout her campaign trail, since this entire election cycle has been a dark surreal trip through something called “a democracy.” But look how Clinton’s nodding and how hard her stone face is trying to convince her that, “No, this isn’t weird. This is fine.”

Blige isn’t conducting the entire interview through the power of song, though. The second clip shows the singer bluntly asking, “A lot of people in my community think that Obama was blocked in Congress because he was black. How are you going to do what he wasn’t able to?”

The clip doesn’t show Clinton’s response, because, of course, this is just a teaser. The 411 episode premieres September 30. Watch the sneak peeks below.