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Kaytranada’s “You’re the One” Video Is a Glorious ’90s Homage

Kaytranada recently won Canada’s prestigious Polaris Prize for his debut album 99.9%, but the promotional cycle is far from over. Just days after dropping his 0.001% mixtape, the electronic auteur just released a new music video for the breezy track “You’re the One,” featuring Syd. Directed by Shomi Patwary, the clip is stylized like an early-’90s sitcom, with the same sorts of text treatments and vibrant colors you’d see on Martin and Living Single; there’s also a romantic plot involving an African prince, modeled after the classic 1988 flick Coming to America. Experience a flashback below, and—I can’t believe I’m saying this—feel free to revisit Big Sean’s “Play No Games” video from last year, which was its own tribute to Martin.