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Justice Get “Randy,” Announce Third Album Woman

Annie Mac‘s “hottest record in the world” comes close to meriting that superlative today: It’s “Randy,” the brand-new single from French disco giants Justice, and it also serves as official notice of Justice’s upcoming albumWoman, which doesn’t yet have a release date. Woman (cover art pictured above) will only be the group’s third full-length, after 2007’s and 2011’s Audio, Video, Disco.

“‘Randy’ started as an almost industrial techno track, but we were such in a good mood that day, that we ended up making the song as it is,” Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay tells Annie Mac in the subsequent interview. In contrast to Justice’s signature wordless, chunky, metal-inspired grooves, “Randy” features a lighter touch and falsetto vocals from collaborator Morgan Phalen. The string parts, de Rosnay notes, were recorded by the same orchestra featured in July’s “Safe and Sound.”

“I think we’ve been mistaken for a dance-music band,” de Rosnay says later in the interview. Could’ve fooled us! Listen to “Randy” below, via BBCor with your preferred service here.