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Jeff Tweedy Came Up With Dozens of Fake Wilco Albums on Colbert

Last night, Wilco stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for a performance of their Schmilco track “Someone to Lose.” In a jokey promotional clip for the band’s appearance, frontman Jeff Tweedy explained that he’s damn proud of the band’s album titles, whether other people find them creative or not.

Star Wars, Wilco (the album)Schmilco: It’s easy to poke at their apparently lack of titling effort, but Tweedy insisted that a significant amount of thought most definitely does go into them. Just to show how much he cares, Tweedy gave a comprehensive list of the names for the band’s future releases, including real winners like Meet The Beatles By Wilco and their upcoming concept album Empty Coke Can. Watch the clip and see a list of the fake names of Wilco’s future releases below.

Album Name TK
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2
Untitled Wilco Project
Do We Really Have To Name Another Album? Do We? Fine Then.”
Wilco Fat Cat 3-Pack
Wilco! Wilco! Wilco!
Wilco Does It Again
You’re Just Going to Stream This
Romeo And Juliet And Wilco
Big Wilco Style
The Wilcolennium
Christmas I guess
Sweet Creams And Cakes
Clam Time With The Band Wilco
Happy Bar Mitzvah Seth!
Sgt. Wilco
The Plot of Pirates Of The Carribean
Walmart: The Album
I Was A teenage Wilco
Stairway To Heaven, But Wilco
50 Shades Of Wilco
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3
Ding Dong! It’s Wilco