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Captain Murphy (a.k.a. Flying Lotus) Returns Once Again With “Crowned”

Flying Lotus has spent this year immersing himself in the debauched, directing a short film apparently so gross that barf bags were issued during its premiere. Focusing on the deranged has influenced his recent music, too: “Crowned,” the latest from the Adult Swim Singles program, is a horror movie of a song that puts Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus’s rapping alter ego) to the forefront. Haunted woodwinds and hollow percussion score Captain Murphy’s warped vocals.

In addition to touring and experimenting with film, Lotus has been spending this year picking terrible hills to die on. He tweeted that “Hella rap artists are rape artists” while talking about rappers’ condescension toward producers, and he joked that he couldn’t “possibly vote for a woman [Hillary Clinton] who doesn’t give an awesome blowjob” during a recent concert. After the outrage, Flying Lotus defended himself twice by criticizing the “PC” culture. Before his next bad take, feel free to give “Crowned” a listen here.