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Bon Iver’s 22, A Million Listening Party Was a Boombox Playing a Cassette

Bon Iver’s excellent new album, 22, A Million, is out today. For the press tour, Justin Vernon went old school—he staged a press conference to detail the album, he didn’t do very many separate interviews, and he shied away from showing his face in press photos. On Wednesday and Thursday, he threw some listening parties across the world, in which he played the new record on … a cassette, through a boombox. The lo-fi conceit attracted dozens of people, as you can see below in some photos. The super-duper artisanal aesthetic decision is right out of a Portlandia sketch, but it’s friendlier than the inverse: a big budget warehouse party where only the celebs are invited, not you.

Find a stream of the new album below, too. Read SPIN’s review here.

Gather ’round folks… It’s quiet, but it’s resonating amongst friends #22amillion #boniver #eauclaire

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