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T.I. Vows ‘We Will Not’ Yield to Injustice

"We will not turn a blind eye to the murder with no repercussions"

T.I. has long been outspoken on the subject of civil rights, in his words as well as his music. On a new track titled “We Will Not,” Tip addresses recent police killings of African-American civilians, the school-to-prison pipeline, and more injustices faced by black America. “No, we will not stand here in silence / While they take the lives of our brothers and sisters and partner / We will not turn a blind eye to the murder with no repercussions,” he raps.

The song’s cover art features a black protestor with a raised fist and a sign reading, “The system was never broken, it was built this way.” With no chorus, “We Will Not” has the feel of a speech, and it concludes with an all-too-relevant excerpt of Malcolm X discussing police brutality. Hear what T.I. has to say below, via XXL.

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