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SPIN at Lollapalooza 2016: Portraits of Frank Turner, Bastille, Dua Lipa, and More

Plus Daughter, Ghost, Sunflower Bean, D.R.A.M, Frightened Rabbit, Modern Baseball, and many more

For Lollapalooza’s 25th Anniversary, SPIN was on site at the Toyota Music Den, where we invited many of the fest’s best and brightest to stop by for intimate performances and portraits shot by photographer Wilson Lee. We also asked the artists for a quick quote to accompany their photos, discovering that Houndmouth is infatuated by Brad Pitt, Bastille wants to dine with Rihanna, and that rapper D.R.A.M. has no hesitation in calling Michael Jordan the greatest of all time. Check out the photos and quotes below.

Frank Turner-4
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Frank Turner

What: Fiery, folk-punk singer/songwriter

Quote: “I’m still, very much, an angry young man.”

Dua Lipa-1
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Dua Lipa

What: Smoky, sultry singer-songwriter

Quote: “If it’s a Netflix and chill night, I’m watching Bates Motel. I love horror.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Bastille

What: UK-based, indie pop outfit led by Dan Smith

Quote: “Our dream dinner party guests would be Samuel L. Jackson, Daniel Craig and Rihanna.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: D.R.A.M.

What: Versatile, melodic singer/rapper

Quote: “Greatest of all time? Jordan or Lebron? Jordan! The hell is wrong with you?”

Sunflower Bean-2
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Sunflower Bean

What: Beautifully noisy, psych rock trio

Quote: “We’re a mix of The Old Man and the Sea, Holden Caulfield and Tony Soprano.”

Nameless Ghoul-5
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Ghost (Nameless Ghoul)

What: Enigmatic, Swedish metal project

Quote: “I love Harmony Korine’s Gummo. One of my references, for when something is awful, is that it has gone Gummo.”

Oh Wonder-3
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Oh Wonder

What: London-based, alt-pop duo

Quote: “One time, I pushed the school’s grand piano across the street and almost got expelled.” — Anthony West

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Pinegrove

What: Upbeat, indie rock collective

Quote: “I want to go party in a burning house.” — Evan Hall

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Cloves

What: Aussie-bred, soulful singer/songwriter

Quote: “I get really excited about buying people Christmas presents, but I hate clothes shopping.”

Nothing But Thieves-3
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Nothing But Thieves

What: Five-piece, U.K.-alt rockers

Quote: “I wish I could have had dinner with Alan Rickman. It probably would have been very awkward.” — Conor Mason

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Daughter

What: London-based, indie folk trio

Quote: “I love reading non-fiction books about psychopaths. I should probably be studying the human brain.” — Elena Tonra

Frightened Rabbit-4
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Frightened Rabbit (Scott Hutchison)

What: Scottish folk rock collective

Quote: “A perfect day for me is waking up a little hungover, but there’s a glass bottle of Im-Bru in the fridge. Then I’m watching Terminator 2.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Houndmouth

What: Soulful Americana rockers from Indiana

Quote: “Brad Pitt’s ass in Troy. That is all.”

Louis the Child-3
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Louis the Child

What: Party-rocking, DJ/producer duo

Quote: “We’re from Chicago, so our dream Ferris Bueller’s Day Off would basically be everything he did. Except, we’d hit a Sox game over the Cubs.

CREDIT: Wilson Lee


What: Trip-hop indebted, British outfit

Quote: “I’ve got a lot of love for Seattle. I love the vibe and the coffee.” — Lotti Bernardout

Modern Baseball-8
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Modern Baseball

What: Philly-based, pop punk quartet

Quote: “I should be working in a coffee shop, practicing math.” — Jake Ewald

Joy Formidable-3
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: The Joy Formidable

What: Epically-charged, alt rock trio

Quote: “Sometimes when we’re in Italy, we accidentally smash other people’s guitars.”

Front Bottoms-1
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: The Front Bottoms

What: Emo-leaning, indie rock collective

Quote: “Sometimes the pudding come out soft, and sometimes it comes out extra soft. I want that written on my tombstone.” — Brian Sella

CREDIT: Wilson Lee


What: Boston-based, anthemic rock trio

Quote: “One time a fan took me to Disneyland before a show. We barely made it to the gig.” —Lyndsey Gunn

Day Wave-1
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Day Wave

What: Dreamy, alt-rocker Jackson Phillips

Quote: “The Strokes’ first album seems to get better with age for me.”

Polly A-3
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Polly A

What: R&B-tinged singer-songwriter

Quote: “Deep dish pizza all the way. I love New York style, but it’s a little overrated.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Baio

What: Vampire Weekender Chris Baio’s eclectic solo project

Quote: My favorite movie is Persona. I wish I could have hung out with Ingmar Bergman and picked his brain.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Classixx

What: L.A.-based, DJ/production duo

Quote: “If I’m going trick-or-treating, I’m dressing as Eleven from Stranger Things and hoping for some Tropical Dots.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee


What: Self-described “dark-pop” trio

Quote:The Unbearable Lightness of Being will always give me chills.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Frankie

What: Candy-colored glitter pop singer

Quote: “If it’s karaoke time, it’s all about ’70s Fleetwood Mac, Spice Girls and Britney.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Cherub

What: Indie electro duo out of Nashville

Quote: “One time I hung my brother up on the monkey bars with a dog leash.” — Jason Huber

The Drowners-5
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Drowners

What: New York City indie rockers

Quote: “If it’s last call, we’re definitely putting ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ on the jukebox.”

CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: The Strumbellas

What: Juno-award winning, “folk-popgrass” collective

Quote: “I’ll be your dog. I’ll do anything for you.”

Muddy Magnolias-5
CREDIT: Wilson Lee

Who: Muddy Magnolias

What: Nashville-based, rock/country/soul duo

Quote: “A pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Basil Hayden’s Bourbon please.”