Get Stuck in the Time-Lapse Synths of Mylko’s ‘Contrast’

The titular “Contrast” evident in the newest song by Mexico City based electronic duo Mylko would appear to be between the dimension of us earthly listeners and the more distant one the pair seems to inhabit. The production begins with Jose Pablo Ibarra (“Jopa”) and Patricio Dávila Sanchez (“Pato”) spewing alien synths over delayed drums, as vocals set the interstellar tone: “We’re headed to a new life / Looking for the moonlight.” After the song officially gets lost in its own timewarp at its midway point, the beat is amped up to near-footwork levels of anxiety, before stuttering to a close. It’s a synth-n-B jam for those who find Junior Boys‘ singles to be far too linear.

“‘Contrast’ is the first song we wrote as Mylko and our first approach at our sound,” the duo says of the title track to their upcoming debut LP. “It has an experimental vibe to it and a crazy middle section that remains among our favorite parts of the album. The song is about change and growth and embracing new realities.” Listen here, and find Contrast on Reverbatim Records come September 30.


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