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Law Holt Is a Force to Be Reckoned With on Debut Album ‘City’

Holt's first record showcases her "unique, twisted take on pop"

Friend and frequent collaborator of the Edinburgh pop trio Young Fathers, Law Holt brings the U.K.’s underground pop scene to newer, darker places. Three tracks have been released off her debut album City thus far: the carefree “Summer’s Coming,” the catchy yet sinister “Love Drive Through,” and the hard-hitting “Spit.” In her video for “Love Drive Through,” Law looks ready to lay it all down as she blends pop and cheerleading stomp-clap rhythms while dancing around an abandoned junk yard.

Working with producer Tim London on her first album the two capture a playful (if twisted) take on pop music that explores themes of romance, loneliness, and heartbreak. Listen to City here, and find it on sale this Friday, August 26th, via Soulpunk.